Book your own appointments with your lawyer

May 23, 2023 Paul Brennan
Book your own appointments with your lawyer
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Paul Brennan is the principal of Brennans Solicitors, a law firm located on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia, where he practices with his wife, Diane in the areas of business law, litigation, property and wills/estates.

Over the years, by working in various countries, he noticed how similar the law can be. He set out to explain the law in a simple and often humorous way.

He has written several books about law and lawyers.

Further details of his profile can be found on Linkedin.

Once, I received an urgent request for a will appointment, made by the friend of a person who did not have long to go.   

Lawyers will move very quickly in these circumstances as delay could be fatal for them too, 

 He came to my office that day.  I drafted the will while he waited.  About one month later, I saw him at a bus stop.   Eventually, he did die, but not before I met him several times in the street.  Each time he gave me an embarrassed “still here” look.  

It is best not to let your well meaning friends book your legal appointments unless you can be sure of doing the right thing and dying expeditiously.

Extract from "A LEGAL GUIDE TO DYING-baby boomer edition."

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